Why Savings Champion

As the UK’s leading independent expert on cash-based savings, with an enviable reputation in the national press as one of the most quoted experts on cash based savings, we provide all savers with unbiased, personalised guidance on cash based savings products, researching every interest rate from every UK savings provider.

We offer a range of free services including independent, unbiased best buy tables, Rate Alerts to our growing community of savers, a free helpline for guidance on the best accounts and our free and unique Rate Tracker service.

In addition, we offer our fee-based Concierge Cash Management Service, taking away the hassle of opening and managing your savings accounts.

You’ll have access to an experienced savings adviser, an expert in finding the best way to maximise interest whilst keeping your money safe.

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Since it was founded in 2011, Savings Champion has created the largest database of savings accounts in the UK, monitoring over 5,500 personal, business and charity savings accounts, both live and closed to new business, covering more than 18,000 interest rates.

This means we hold the most impressive repository of UK savings and interest-bearing current account information in the UK.

It’s this data and our expertise in the market why we’re regularly featured in and supply cash savings information for the Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph and the Mail on Sunday, to name but a few, as well as appearing on BBC Breakfast, Radio 4’s Moneybox and contributing to and appearing in one-off special programmes such as Channel 4’s Dispatches ‘Where to Save Your Money’.

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