ISA Guide

24th August 2017

Navigating the ISA Maze

ISAs are the first place that savers should look to put their cash when they are planning their finances, after all when the Government is giving you a tax break, you should grasp it with both hands. 

However, over the years they have become increasingly complex, with many people struggling to understand the different types of ISA available, let alone work out how much they can put in which, at what stage.

So, this guide is designed to help you cut through the complexity and maximise the benefits of using ISAs to your advantage.


What is included in this guide?

  • What is an ISA?
  • A brief history of ISAs
  • What are the differences between each type of ISA?
    • Cash ISAs
    • Help to Buy ISAs
    • Junior ISAs
    • Lifetime ISA
    • Other types of ISA
  • Moving money between ISAs
  • What next for ISAs?


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