Do you have the WOO Factor?

27th April 2012

Here at SC towers (SavingsChampion) we’re investigating a theory from an American writer* that, especially in the workplace, we in the West are too focussed on peoples’ weaknesses and how they can be overcome. He argues that a much more effective approach is to focus on peoples’ strengths and how to build on those. Which makes sense when you really think about it? So we’re all doing the personality test so as to highlight and identify everyone’s strengths. And we’re pleased to say that we exhibit a range of strengths, including empathy and harmony, but our favourite so far is the WOO quality….these are the characters who love meeting new people, asking questions and not shying away. We have the WOO factor (apparently)! So if you feel the need to speak to one of our WOO team about savings, give us a call. We’d love to talk to you!

* Tom Rath - Strengthsfinder 2.0. In partnership with The Gallup organisation

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