Something for savvy saving grandparents this summer

15th July 2012

At SavingsChampion we love to encourage the young (and the not so young) to acquire the habit of lifelong saving.  So we were delighted to learn that Goldstar Savings Bank has just launched its app for the iPad. Goldstar Savings Bank is a relatively new website that helps parents to teach children the value of saving.  Available through iTunes, the new iPad app encourages children to learn and practise the important core financial life skills.  Goldstar Savings Bank claims the app is fun and engaging, with an emphasis on creativity and discovery.

The design of the website and the app was inspired, at least in part, by co-founder Rebecca Lee’s experience of encouraging her own child Seb to save for the things he wants. And the website features the story of how Seb saved for his new bike.

So, for all you savvy savers looking for new and fun things to do with your grandchildren this rainy summer, here’s a great opportunity to get the kids off Angry Birds, demonstrate your iPad skills and help to inspire a generation to save.

Meanwhile, we're hunting around for an iPad to borrow so that we can test out the app and one of my colleagues is wondering whether it’s too late to encourage her 18 year old to tidy her “floordrobe”. 

If you get a chance to try it with your grandchildren, we at SavingsChampion would be interested to hear about your experiences of the app, so do email us at [email protected].

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