Ask Anna: Would it be possible to inform people like me about accounts that we can open that are not online?

27th April 2018

Hi Anna,

I do appreciate the savings interest that you email. Would it be possible to inform people like me (old) about accounts that we can open that are not online without having to plough through the information to find the words “Online Only” when we have found an account we are interested in?


You don’t have to be old to prefer not to use online-only accounts and you are definitely not alone. We’ve spoken to lots of journalists recently who are looking at this very issue.

However, these days it’s a fact that many of the best rates available are online only – so those who are simply not comfortable to use this option, could find that they are missing out on the very best returns. One of the reasons given for this is that online only reduces overheads - such as branch premises and staff – so the providers can afford to pay a bit more.

Having said this, there are plenty of competitive accounts available which can be opened via the post, telephone or branch, especially at the moment, which is great news and hopefully more providers will recognise that there are lots of savers out there who want to be a bit more traditional. Even some of the very newest providers, such as PCF Bank, offer a postal account option.

This means that those who are uncomfortable logging on to open and manage their savings are not restricted to using their high street bank, which will be paying some of the worst rates available.

This week we saw Coventry Building Society (30 Day Notice Cash ISA), Al Rayan Bank (Sharia Instant Access Cash ISA) and Kent Reliance (Easy Access) top their respective savings markets – and these all offer the ability to open the account by post, in branch (as well as online) and in the case of Coventry Building Society, by telephone. Of course, the branch distribution will vary from provider to provider and you may not have one nearby, so that still may not be an option.

We also always try to include at least one account that isn’t online only in our best buy tables, for the numerous savers who would prefer to open and manage an account by more traditional methods. And, of course, we have savings experts on hand to help – so give us a call on 0800 011 9705.

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