Best Buy Cash ISA Deadlines for April 2012

29th March 2012

Below are details of the Cash ISA deadlines for some of the best buy variable rate accounts currently available.

The AA – Postal Access ISA (Issue 3) - Last day to apply is 29th March, deposits must be received and cleared by 5th April 2012

Barclays – Loyalty Reward ISA - Telephone and internet applications up until 11pm on the 5th April, branch applications allowed during normal business hours. Cheques are accepted on the 5th (obviously if they bounce the customer will lose the ISA allowance!)

Cheshire Building Society – Direct Cash ISA - Online applications need to be with Nationwide by midnight on 2nd April (money takes a couple of days to clear)

M&S - Applications must be with M&S by 5th April (applications received on 5th will still be processed). Online applications will be accepted until 3rd April (incl. 3rd). Deposits over the phone can be made up until 8pm on 5th April

Nationwide – Online ISA Issue 3 - Online applications need to be with Nationwide by midnight on 2nd April (money takes a couple of days to clear)

Principality – E-ISA Issue 3 - Branch and postal applications need to be with Principality by 5pm on 5th April but monies MUST be cleared in the ISA by the 5th so if you’re sending a cheque you need to send it earlier. Online applications must be received by 12pm on 5th April, and again monies MUST be cleared in the ISA by the 5th.

Santander – Direct ISA Issue 9 - There has been strong demand for the products so as a result Santander has brought the telephone applications deadline forward from 4th April to 1st April*. Branch - 5 April 2012 / Phone - 1 April 2012* / Online - 1 April 2012

* However for existing Santander customers with monies held in another Santander account and who have therefore already passed the identification process - the deadline for telephone applications is 5th April. 

Virgin Money  - Easy Access Cash ISA - You can deposit into the current tax year 2011–2012, you must have your E-ISA opened and funds invested by 6pm on Thursday 5 April 2012. After this time, any partially completed E-ISA applications will be removed from the system and you will not be able to invest your funds into an E-ISA for this tax year, 2011-2012. Different payment methods vary in timescales and timescales vary between other Banks and Building Societies. If the money doesn't reach Virgin by the 5 April, then the funds will count towards the new tax year Cash ISA allowance.

NB : The above information should be used as a guide as we can only go by what we’re told by the providers. We recommend that you check with your provider of choice.

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