🔔 Coventry ups its ISA game

Author: Tom Adams
08th May 2019

Competition amongst easy access cash ISAs continues, with Coventry Building Society upping its rate for the second time in a fortnight. Elsewhere, United Trust Bank have launched two new best buy accounts.


Coventry Building Society has taken top spot in our variable rate cash ISA table, having increased the rate on its easy access ISA for the second time in as many weeks.

🔔 Easy Access ISA (Online) (2) - 1.50% tax free/AER


Elsewhere, United Trust Bank launched two new fixed rate bonds that entered our respective tables.

Its new one year bond is in joint second place, whereas its five year option is joint top of our table.

🔔 5 Year Bond - 2.60% gross/AER

🔔 1 Year Bond - 2.00% gross/AER


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