Economic Overview from moneycorp - all quiet on the Brexit front

Author: Anna Bowes
06th September 2019

August can sometimes be a quiet time for currency markets because the political factors that influence currency values are on hold due to summer breaks. This has not been the case for the pound because the shadow of Brexit loomed large.

Neon question mark

Mid-month, economic data meant that the pound was given some assistance and there was some optimism over Brexit after the leaders of Germany and France apparently intimated that Boris Johnson had 30 days to find an alternative to the Irish Backstop. The prospect of an end to the uncertainty saw the pound rise, but throughout the month, gathering fears over the UK leaving the EU without a deal, put the pound under pressure.

Parliament puts pressure on sterling

As well as the rhetoric indicating the likelihood of no-deal, the PM’s decision to suspend parliament to push Brexit through was a cause for concern within the markets. In addition, the prospect of an imminent general election was added to the mix. Parliament may have ruled that out in favour of focussing on Brexit, but the issue remains a possibility for the short term. The return of parliament could have meant that some progress was made on the Brexit issue and the pound rose in anticipation, but dramatic losses for the Prime Minister and the loss of the Conservative majority means that the situation has become even more uncertain.

Preparations for no-deal Brexit help the pound

However, it’s not all bad news for the pound. The House of Commons legislation aimed to prevent a no-deal Brexit gave sterling a boost. In addition, a less pessimistic statement from Bank of England governor Mark Carney during the inflation report was considered positive. The governor told the committee that "the impact of a no-deal Brexit would be less severe than first thought" as a result of preparations for a disorderly departure. He also said there were almost no circumstances in which the bank would intervene to affect sterling's exchange rate. Dr Carney's words contributed to a successful day for the pound. It strengthened by an average of 0.7%, adding one yen, three quarters of a euro cent and more than one and a third US cents. 

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