If we can't make you more money we'll donate £50

29th October 2014

To mark the launch of our new Moneyline service, a free telephone based advice team, we’re launching a £50 challenge to all UK savers. The challenge is simple; if we can’t better your savings situation we’ll donate £50 to a registered charity of your choosing. ¹

In the last three years we’ve helped over 400,000 savers and tracked over £600 million in savings. We’ve increased the interest generated for our Concierge clients’ by an average of over £900 per £100,000 invested or 0.92% gross pa (net of our fee)². That’s why we’re so confident in our ability to help savers better their income; we want to challenge them to pick up the phone, speak to one of our dedicated advisers and challenge our expertise. What have you got to lose?

Getting truly independent, whole of market, savings information is hard enough but finding an independent specialist to speak to can be a real challenge, let alone speak to one for free. Given that all financial advice should start with cash it’s shocking how few sites there are to get unbiased, whole of market, savings advice.

Unlike most savings sites, we don’t compromise or hide the best rates from our customers; our best buys are chosen on merit and not through commercial gains so we can offer the best advice to our customers. 

Our new Moneyline team offers free, non-obligatory savings advice whereby savers can speak directly to UK based savings adviser. To qualify for the £50 challenge savers must have at least £100,000 in accessible, UK based savings accounts. Call 0800 321 3581.

The days of simple savings appear to be behind us. It’s now bank accounts that offer the highest rates for savers and with rafts of restrictions on accounts it’s easy to see why savers need help with building a savings portfolio to improve their income



1) Savingschampion.co.uk will donate £50 to a registered UK charity of the clients choosing based on the following caveats:

• Customers must have at least £100,000 in accessible UK based savings accounts. (Accessible means accounts that can be accessed so excludes some fixed rate bonds)
• Savings accounts are UK based deposit accounts offered by banks and building societies (excludes investments/structured products and peer to peer lending)
• Savers must call Moneyline and be happy to discuss their current savings arrangements with one of our advisers. We never ask for personal account information. We never hold client money.

2) 0.92% after the deduction of fees.1.22% before fees.

Our Concierge Managed Savings Service can ensure your money is fully protected by compensation schemes whilst earning the most competitive rates of interest from the whole of the UK savings market.  There is an annual fee of 0.2%, subject to a minimum of £295 plus an implementation fee of 0.1% (minimum £100).


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