🔔 Masthaven climbs into the top five

Author: Alan Welsh
05th December 2018

Today, Masthaven launched a number of new fixed rate bonds, most striking of which is its one year fixed rate bond.

Masthaven logo       

The latest version of its one year fixed term bond is paying 2.02% gross/AER and holds second position in our table.

🔔 Masthaven 1 Year Fixed Term Bond (2.02%)

We continue to see a trio - consisting of Tandem, Investec and Atom Bank - leading the way, each paying 2.05%.

How to get 2.15% for one year...

rate of 2.15% can be achieved* on a one year fixed rate bond through Raisin UK.

More details on this can be found in our recent article - What's new with Raisin UK?

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