🔔 Secure Trust dominates proceedings

Author: Tom Adams
13th June 2019

Secure Trust Bank dominated the headlines today, launching no fewer than 6 new best buys. This number also includes a cash ISA for the first time - the provider's first steps into this area of the savings market.


Secure Trust Bank's opening move in the cash ISA arena is a one year fixed rate cash ISA, which is just behind the current market-leader.


🔔 1 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA - 1.60% tax free/AER


The provider also made improvements to its range of notice accounts, with three improved rates joining its market-leading 90 day account, occupying four out of five positions in our best buy table.


🔔 60 Day Notice Account - 1.69% gross / 1.70% AER

🔔 45 Day Notice Account - 1.59% gross / 1.60% AER

🔔 30 Day Notice Account - 1.49% gross / 1.50% AER


Last but not least are new market-leading fixed rate bonds, with improved five and seven year options joining the provider's existing two, three and four year options at the top of the respective best buys.


🔔 5 Year Fixed Rate Bond - 2.66% gross/AER

🔔 7 Year Fixed Rate Bond - 2.76% gross/AER



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