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What are the benefits to you?


Increased financial security

It's easy to be unsure if your savings are completely protected or not.  As an example, AA, Aviva, Bank of Scotland, BM Savings (Birmingham Midshires Building Society), Halifax, Intelligent Finance, SAGA, and St James's Place are all covered under the same Financial Services Compensation License so if you have more than £75,000 in total across any of these providers then some of your capital is at risk.


Better overall returns 

Using best buy tables is unlikely to be the best source of interest rate information if you have a large lump sum.  Best buy tables are created for the masses; best for the 98% of people that have less than £75K in savings (source FSCS) but not necessarily best for you.  Larger deposits are simply ignored in these tables as only a very small percentage of people qualify for them. 


Accounts may also be excluded from best buy tables if they have restrictions regarding age, postcode, whom the applicant currently banks with, or if they can only be opened or accessed in branch.


When putting together a savings portfolio, a best buy table can't show you if you have FSCS licence conflicts in the providers you choose and doesn't show you the accounts in-between the best buys selected, all of which is vital information if you want to get the best overall return and keep your savings safe.


This is why speaking to a savings expert is most likely to be the easiest and best option for savers with more than £75,000 on deposit.

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