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"Savings Champion's treasure trove of data is one of my most valued sources of information on savings products. Savings Champion is the best innovation in savings I have seen in recent years – comprehensive rate tracking, coupled with unbiased help in finding better deals is exactly what savers crave"

Dan Hyde, Deputy Personal Finance Editor, Telegraph Media Group

"SavingsChampion is a great website for the beleaguered saver. Independent, unbiased and informative!"

Mail on Sunday Personal Finance Editor, Jeff Prestridge

“You can check on cash interest rates on several websites. I use the best buy tables from which does not promote products on the basis of commission or commercial deals and has a genuinely helpful free helpline answered by experts – if you have more than £100,000 it will even manage it for you to get the best rates for a small fee."

- Paul Lewis, Freelance Finance Journalist and Broadcaster,
SAGA Magazine

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