Website Security

We understand that people are concerned about security when entering their personal details into a website. 

We thought it would be helpful, therefore, if we set out the technology based steps we have taken to protect your data within our systems. 

Our privacy policy provides more information on the data we may ask you to provide, in order to use our Rate Tracker service, and sets out how we will use that data.

It also states our commitment not to share that data with any other organisation, without your specific request.

Security tools used by Savings to protect your data

All web pages where users can enter their details are served over HTTPS. Therefore all user data sent through our website is encrypted and cannot be hijacked by other sources.

We do not ask for or store highly sensitive data, such as the full savings account details, we only need to know the savings account provider, the name of the savings account product and the balance.

You can find more information on our privacy policy.

We also ensure that sensitive data such as passwords are encrypted.

The Savings Champion website is built with your security in mind and is built in a way to prevent malicious attacks such as Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection and Session Hijacking.

Essentially we have used all the latest techniques to maintain a strong level of site security.