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Dan Darragh

Research & Development Manager

About Dan Darragh

Dan is not only responsible for making sure that all the information on our database and website is accurate and up to date, but is also responsible for maintaining Savings Champion’s commercial relationships with third-party providers and building relationships and opportunities with other providers in order to expand the depth and reach of the Savings Champion business and data model.

Dan joined Savings Champion in January 2019 as our Client Relationship Manger responsible for looking after the triage of Savings Champion cash advice clients, before being promoted to his current role within the business. Prior to that, Dan had spent over three years in the investment banking sector, joining Deutsche Bank straight from University. 

Managing a team that monitors 6,000 savings accounts with 16,000 individual savings rates ensuring that the data is of the highest quality, Dan is able to provide valuable insight into the savings industry to help us work towards our goal of ensuring that savers are well informed and able to get the best possible returns on their cash savings.