🔔 Savings Champion launch

Author: Anna Bowes
22nd November 2011

The launch of Savings Champion, the company that Sue (Hannums) and I first envisaged around my kitchen table a year ago is a dream come true. And for Savings Champion to be so well received by the public and the press alike just confirms that we’re doing the right thing. 

Helping savers find the best rates for their savings accounts has been a passion of mine ever since I worked on Chase de Vere’s Money Line back in the 1980s.  Little did I know then how the knowledge of the savings market gained from this experience would be turned into the innovative and much needed Rate Tracker service.

As our first customers register for Rate Tracker I’m both excited and a little daunted at the potential of what Sue and I have created but it’s great to be working with her again and I’m confident that we’ll make a real difference to the deal that savers get from their hard earned savings.

Saving you time. Making you money!

Editor's note:

Register with Rate Tracker and relax while it does the hard work of finding you the best savings account, tracking them and then telling you when you need to move to a better paying account.