A word of warning for savers in the competitive Ulster Bank eSavings account

10th October 2017

A word of warning for savers in the competitive Ulster Bank eSavings account

We recently reported that savers were having problems with opening the Ulster Bank eSavings account in our article ‘When the best rate is not always the best option’.

So, we are pleased to see that at least one of the issues – the fact that the Ulster Bank credit check would leave a footprint on your credit rating – was being rectified and this would no longer happen.

However, it would appear that other issues have continued. Not only have there been delays in getting the account opened, but more worryingly, in the press over the weekend it was reported that some savers have experienced a delay when withdrawing cash from their easy access Ulster Bank savings account.

The delay in the main has been caused if account holders had not been sent a card reader when the account was opened. Without this card reader, account holders are unable to withdrawal funds. But what some savers may not be aware of is that new account holders have to order the card reader when they register for Anytime Internet Banking – it will not be sent before this!

So, our advice is to check whether you have your card reader and if not order one from Ulster Bank today. Orders take approximately 15 days to arrive and while you may not be planning to withdraw funds any time soon, at least you will have all you need to be able to withdraw funds should you need to.

As always if you have any question please contact us on 0800 0119 705 we are here to help.



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