🔔 Reasons to use Rate Tracker

Author: Dan Darragh
22nd November 2011

Five good reasons to use Savings Champion’s Rate Tracker

You have better things to do with your time than trawling through all the comparison sites or, even worse, all the savings account providers’ sites looking for the best savings rates.

You’re fed up with filling your diary with reminders to check on the interest rate your savings are earning to avoid discovering your savings interest rate has dropped to a miserly 0.5%.

You live on a fixed income and so maximising the interest you earn on your savings is vital to maintaining or improving your standard of living.

You’ve just retired and you want to defer buying an annuity until rates improve. You need a safe place for your money but need to ensure you continue to earn the best savings rate until annuity rates improve.

You can’t face another change of interest statement landing on your doormat.

And one slightly silly one

You’re a Cambridge student and knowing about ISAs is now a cool thing.

And five (slightly silly) reasons why you wouldn’t use Savings Champion’s Rate Tracker

You like checking 118 providers and over 1700 savings account products every day to see if you can beat Savings Champion’s best buys.

The interest you earn on your savings is not important to you.

You like to compare comparison sites.

You love bankers and want to boost banks’ profits.

You prefer to keep your cash under the mattress.