🔔 Welcome to our new website!

Author: Tom Adams
22nd May 2013

As some of you may have already noticed we’ve made some changes to our website, not least the look and feel of the site but also the overall journey (are we sounding like techies yet?). 

We’ve been working hard since the beginning of the year to take on board the many ideas we have received on how we can make the site better.

So thank you to all who have already sent us your feedback – we’re so pleased that the majority has been positive but there have also been some more great suggestions. Keep ‘em coming!

For those who have not yet seen the new site, please take the opportunity to look around. We hope you’ll find it even more useful. Here’s a brief rundown of the changes you might notice.

Best Buy Tables

Whilst we are still in the process of extending our tables, especially for fixed rate bonds and ISAs, we have already added a new feature that is exclusively available to registered SavingsChampion users. Our best buy tables have always featured accounts that get their place on merit – not on any commercial agreement (so they can’t pay us to include them).  But now you’ll be able to read our verdict on each of the accounts, which may help you to decide which is the most appropriate for you. Remember that if you have a larger balance or want to check if any provider is paying a better rate for local or existing customers, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 321 3581 or if you are calling from a mobile 0330 330 3581.


Rate Tracker

For those of you who are already signed up for Rate Tracker, we hope you like the new look.

The key change is the traffic light system, to make it easy for you to see at a glance if any of your accounts need attention.

Excellent and Good accounts are Green, those with a bonus maturing shortly are marked in Orange and those paying a poor rate of interest and in need of attention are Red! You also have the option of organising your accounts based on which need attention, which should help when managing your accounts and keeping them on the best rates at all times.

Remember that you are welcome to call us if you have any questions regarding either accounts you already hold, or accounts you are considering.

Don’t forget our Concierge Service for those of you who would like us to assist in managing your savings portfolio for you, whilst you still always retain control – we don’t hold your money.

We not only build a bespoke savings portfolio choosing accounts from the WHOLE UK savings market, but we look to protect your cash by dividing it between protection scheme licences. We complete the application forms and simply take away the hassle of opening multiple accounts.  For more information click here


And the old favourites are still available;

•         The FSCS guide can still help you identify if your provider is linked with any others – to help you make sure that you haven’t put too much money with several providers who are only protected under one licence

•         We still have our regular Rate Alerts to keep you up to date with any new and interesting products and where possible to warn you when a competitive account is about to be withdrawn. 


We hope you find the new site useful and please do keep your feedback coming in; we do listen and we do respond!