Meet the Team

Anna Bowes - Co-Founder

Anna is a regular contributor to the BBC’s Money Box, Breakfast and News programs, as well as the national press, providing expert analysis and commentary on the UK savings market. Anna has worked in the financial services industry for more than 20 years and for most of that time has been helping people to make the most of their savings.

Anna started her career with Chase de Vere, in its innovative Moneyline department, a free savings information service that became as popular with personal finance journalists as it was with savers. Anna believes passionately that savings advice is a neglected part of the financial services sector and that the needs of savers are largely ignored by the savings product providers and the Government. 

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Susan Hannums - Co-Founder

Sue is a regular contributor to the Guardian, Telegraph and Mail on Sunday as well as most other national press, providing expert commentary on the UK savings market. Sue has spent her entire career working in financial services analysing the savings sector and sharing her extensive knowledge with both the general public and journalists who cover savings.

For much of that time, Sue worked at Chase de Vere, with Anna Bowes, her co-founder at Savings Champion.

Personal finance journalists across all media, including the BBC, often look to Sue for her undisputed expertise in savings and it is this expertise, combined with her passion for ensuring that savers earn the best rate for their savings accounts, that encouraged Sue and Anna to set up Savings Champion and to help rebalance the market in favour of savers. 

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Tom Adams - Head of Research

Tom is responsible for making sure that all the information on our database and website is accurate and up to date. Tom is also a regular contributor to the national press, including the Telegraph and Mail on Sunday to name just a few, providing expert analysis and commentary, as well as writing articles for our newsletter and website.

Tom joined not long after we started Savings Champion and prior to that, Tom spent over ten years in the banking sector, joining Barclays straight from University. From Barclays he moved on to Cheltenham and Gloucester, during which time he became a qualified Mortgage Adviser and later a Branch Manager.

Using this experience, Tom has refined many of the processes that we use to gather and check our information and is able to provide valuable insight into the savings industry to help us work towards our goal of ensuring that savers are well informed and able to get the best possible returns on their cash savings.

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