Why Savings Champion

Grow your interest: Our story

By Anna Bowes, Co-Founder

Susan Hannums and I founded Savings Champion in 2011. Since then we have established ourselves as one of the UK’s leading independent experts on cash-based savings, providing savers with free unbiased, personalised guidance on their cash savings.

“We believed so passionately that the needs of the savers have largely been ignored by savings product providers and the Government, that we wanted to create a cash savings advice business to champion savers and help them get a better deal”

Today, we help thousands of savers with no-nonsense, simple advice to maximise the return on their savings.

Our team of researchers review the savings market daily and we are proud to have created one of the largest databases of savings account information in the UK, monitoring over 5,500 savings accounts and 18,000 interest rates.

We offer all savers a range of services:

Best Buy Tables

The top five accounts across a range of different types of savings accounts, from easy access to fixed rate bonds and cash ISAs.

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Cash Advice Service

Significantly increase the interest you earn on cash savings.

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Rate Tracker ©

Monitor the rates on your existing savings accounts and compare them to the whole savings market.

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News & Opinion

The latest news and best rates delivered directly to your inbox.

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Expert Guides

Written by industry experts, we have a wide range of guides and factsheets to help you get the most from your savings.

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☎️ Savings Helpline

Unsure what to do or who to speak to? Our savings experts are available to help you.

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