Here are some of the testimonials and reviews for our free, unique Rate Tracker service, our Best Buys tables, our Rate Alerts and our emails.

"Savings Champion's treasure trove of data is one of my most valued sources of information on savings products. Savings Champion is the best innovation in savings I have seen in recent years – comprehensive rate tracking, coupled with unbiased help in finding better deals is exactly what savers crave"

Dan Hyde, Deputy Personal Finance Editor, Telegraph Media Group
"Savings Champion is great! The website is clear and simple, the response to any query is quick and friendly, and the reminder service is just what any saver needs. I'm recommending it to all my friends." <AH>
“Just to let you know how pleased I am that I signed up for your service, and how much I appreciate receiving the regular updates about saving rates, as well as other information. Thank you” <MS>
"This is a website where the response of the staff member demonstrated a "can do" mentality coupled with a pleasant, reliable and willing attitude - something you don't always get these days where "inflexible call centre scripts" are the norm. From this experience, Savings Champions deserve to do well." <RM>
"The service provided by the Savings Champion team has proved to be a great benefit to me when checking the interest rates on several savings accounts. Previously I found it practically impossible to check rates particularily on accounts no longer available to new customers. One savings provider had several pages of interest rates and very similar named products. As I am retired I can afford to spend quite a bit of time checking that my money is in the best savings accounts but even so I still find it very difficult to do and often get it wrong.The Savings Champion team have taken all the hassle out of managing my money and their monitoring of my accounts makes sure that my money is earning the best savings rates. One thing I particularly like is that the team can be contacted by email or free phone to answer any queries. This service is a must for anyone with savings." <AW>
Savings Champion is an absolute must for all savers. A really unique, wonderful website, that's easy to use, simple to understand and packed with valuable, trustworthy advice. Best of all the rate tracker service is an excellent motivator for savers, eliminating the time-consuming hassle of searching for financial information and trying to keep on top of paperwork. It has made my life so much easier. I really don't know how I managed before! Keep up the good work! Thanks again!" <JW>
"I was delighted to find the Savings Champion website. It was clear and straight-forward to use and when I sought advice on a specific point the response was helpful and provided me with the information I needed. I shall certainly continue to use the site and will recommend it to others." <DB>
"Having just phoned you today for advice re: my cash ISA's I spoke to a lady named Chelsea...The advice and help given was really great, your service is superb.Thank you all very much..." <MP>
"For many years I have relied on various sources, for financial guidance, notably the Telegraph, Which, Moneyfacts etc, until two years ago, I read about your start up in Paul Lewis’s column in the SAGA magazine ( yes I am of a certain age ). Having basked in the very topical, informative, simplicity of your site I am now a complete convert.
All my next finance moves are based on your very current best buys, and current is probably the biggest bonus, for I can always rely on the currency (pardon the pun) of your website.
My first web request for a call from you today, was answered by Phillip seemingly in seconds. He knew exactly what I was getting at in terms of the £85K safety net in relation to a group of providers, and he was basically not confident of my second question on Unit Trust providers, and was quite open seeking advice from a colleague. Hey presto he gave me the web address and telephone number of the FSCS, to seek guidance.
Extremely courteous and informative, and so good to see that some organisations still value traditional customer values." <BL>
"I stumbled across Savings Champion recently on the internet and have found it very handy to help monitor my elderly parents respective savings accounts. I had found it practically impossible to check rates, particularly on older accounts that are no longer available to new customers.
I then had some questions I needed answering regarding setting up multiple accounts to keep my own savings accounts separate from my parents, and “Leanne” from customer services answered all my questions very promptly and very thoroughly. I would definitely recommend them as their customer service is very good." JA"I find the current necessity to constantly monitor savings rates to ensure that you are getting a reasonable deal (not necessarily the best one even) a real time bandit when I want to concentrate on growing my business. Savings champion is proving a real benefit both by saving me time and effort but also in giving me confidence that I am both getting good rates and will continue to find out if anything changes in the future. Just today I have introduced my wife to the service who has also been able to significantly improve on the rates she has been getting. I was quite stunned to find out that not only was the website really helpful, but that you also got a personal service in response to any queries" <MD>
"This was a fantastic alert. I spent a long time at the weekend checking which accounts to move to when my current decent rates are trashed in a few weeks time. I'd decided on the Aldermore account. Now I can jump and nab it just in time! Many thanks again" <MH>
"I cannot recommend this website and the service they provide highly enough. The customer service is amongst the best I have ever received. I recently sent an email over the weekend believing it would take at least a week before I got a reply (if i got one at all). First thing Monday morning I received a reply from Leanne, who sorted everything out and replied to my subsequent emails immediately. I was extremely impressed with the high level of efficiency and professionalism, which more often than not, is something of a rarity these days!
"I have no hesitation in recommending your service and have already recommended it to a number of friends. I find the site helpful in its unbiased approach to the savings market. I also appreciate the use of the warning system when fixed term savings are approaching their maturity date." <HH>
"I'm a big fan of your website and it's a great incentive to save effectively by seeing your savings grow!" <TM>
"Savings Champion were very quick to answer a query I had about a specific savings product, and seem very willing to adapt their Rate Tracker to suit the needs of people using the site, making it even more intuitive to use. It is an excellent tool for savers!" <AW>
"In an era of making the customer wait, and seemingly inevitable errors by building societies, banks and utility companies; it is a rare pleasure to find that Savings Champion inevitably exceeds my expectations with rapid, polite and helpful advice. The recent addition of current interest rates to "my portfolio" makes it even easier to manage my mother's complex set of accounts. Long may they prosper." <MB>
"For individuals looking to stay in control of their own money through traditional savings....the free service from Savings Champion takes the worry out of constant rate scanning and is a friendly fabulous service. I salute and recommend them." <DY>
"Thank you for your Rate Alert about the impending withdrawal of the First Direct Regular Savings Account. This was a great big dig in my ribs as I have been meaning to do this for a while but have never really got round to it. However, thanks to your polite elbow, I have now opened a regular saver account. In comparison with other savings accounts, this will be a good deal returning about 4% over the year on the total outlay." <PL>
"Without Savings Champion's brilliant Rate Tracker service, I wouldn't have found out that the Post Office has knocked 0.5% off the interest rate on my savings. Keep up the good work!" <GB>
“Many thanks again for being so helpful. I have passed your website to one or two of my friends and I shall certainly continue to recommend yourselves.” <RY>
"I am very impressed with your prompt - and correct - reply. Your free tracking service is also excellent!" <DS>
"Thank you for the reminder about my ISA maturing date. I find your service excellent; it saves me hours searching the Internet for better rates. They are a joke at the moment, every time I turn my computer on another bank or building society has dropped its rates." <PL>
"What a great website. Easy to use, full of information and run by friendly, helpful people. Everyone should sign up!" <SL>
"You are the best website for the cash saver. You provide an excellent running commentary on all the movements. Keep up the good work. Congratulations." <GB>
"Your answer to my question, about maximising monthly income from fixed rate bonds, has been most helpful and I will give careful consideration to all your suggestions." <SG>
"Savings Champion is an excellent service which I use regularly. As a direct result of your site, I was able to secure one of the last Sainsburys easy access ISAs paying 3.01% Keep up the good work !" <SS>
"SavingsChampion gave me invaluable help in identifying savings accounts where there was a good interest rate, with reasonable withdrawal conditions, and government protection. Their guidance was friendly, quick and professional - couldn't ask for better." <DM>
"I'd just like to say how useful your website is... and to thank you all for such a clear comparative display of cash savings best choices. Really helpful: it gives direct links to each provider's website, so one can follow up an option with immediate easy access to the details." <TL>
'Savings Champion performs a long overdue service and I hope it puts our banks on high alert. If our banks were more honest there would probably be no need for Savings Champion. Sadly, I think they'll be needed for some years to come.2 <MD>
"Thank you for all the great information you have given to me. I will be recommending your facility to at least 2 friends who I believe could benefit. Once again, thank you for your help." <SP>
"I just wanted to say thank you for the heads up on the Nationwide. My myonline save plus account bonus finished yesterday so I had opted to open a new myonline save account paying 3.02%. When I got the email below I was a bit annoyed as this would have meant a better interest rate of 3.17%. So I spoke to Nationwide and the solution was simple. Close the account that had opened yesterday using the free withdrawal to close the account and open one of the new accounts paying 3.17%. Worth the effort to get a few more pounds interest!" <DL>
"Keep up the good work, it is a great product." <JC>
"I am signed up for your tracker service and think you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work." <RS>
"Thanks. Very helpful. I'm impressed." <MR>
"As soon as I get time, I am going to enter [in Rate Tracker] all the various little savings pots we have at the moment. It’s ridiculous how complicated things get because you have to keep swapping to try and get the best rates." <CW>
"I'd like to thank you very much for the service you're offering. It's one of those rare websites where information doesn't seem to clutter the pages and is very helpful when making decisions on savings accounts. Definitely a website I would recommend to friends and colleagues." <NA>
“Thanks to Susan (Hannums) for mentioning it (Monmouthshire account) in the Easy Access. A great example of the benefits of the site which I shall continue to promote.” <MS>
“I have just signed up to your website, thank you for providing a really good service for us savers.” <HR>
"I think you're providing a very valuable resource to the public; one that should hopefully open a lot of people's eyes, and just maybe help keep the banks on their toes a little? We can live in hope..." <JS>
“I'm very pleased to see your website offering such a valuable service to the general saver.” <DGH>
"Thank you for your first newsletter which was most informative-especially when highlighting some of the poor rates being offered by major institutions. It was also to the point, humorous and written in a very user friendly style." <JH>
"I heard about your website on the radio and I’m finding it really useful for sorting out my finances/accounts." <CH>
"Thank you for your work on behalf of hard-pressed savers; keep up the good work!" <AP>
"I am a huge fan off using nudge theory (Nudge by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein.) to encourage change and your rate tracker is just the thing to remind people like me to take control of their savings and not let the banks carry on taking advantage of savers' inertia..... I wish you every success with the web site. I shall be using it frequently." <AC>
"Just like everyone else, I'm busy and so don't have time to frequently check out the interest rates on my accounts - despite the fact that everyone knows that the Banks/Building Societies rely on this fact to sneak the rates downwards over time! www.savingschampion.co.uk is exactly what I have been looking for .. they do the checking and let me know as soon as I can get a better deal!" <DK>
"Introduced to your new site through BBC R4. Have registered. What an excellent, helpful and easy to use site. Long may you prosper." <CJ>
"Keep up the good work. There many of us out here in the Cyberworld who value your impartial (repeat impartial) advice. Just keep it coming and you will do well." <KT>

"And thanks to you I am already better off as one of my savings accounts turned out to be paying far less than I had thought. So it is now changed to a more rewarding one."

“Listened to you on Money Box today what a fantastic service. Thank you so much!” <CS>
“Great site – thanks for thinking of it and for doing it!” <EB>
“I just have to congratulate you on your site – I was reading the money pages on Mail Online and the site was mentioned there….your facility to remind clients when the rate changes AND give up to date interest rates at a glance is MUCH appreciated.” <LH>